Project on Spatial Sciences proposes to curate and plan a colloquium that rethinks conventional speaker to audience syntax.  Through its design, the Colloquium will use space as the communicative device for knowledge dissemination.  The Colloquium will invite academics and practitioners to speak on knowledge dissemination, through disciplinary veins.  A diverse guest list seeks to illustrate the variety of methods used to design public spaces, while supplementing a colloquium conversation that will provide inquiry and understanding of space as a knowledge communication device.  Speakers will be able to speak freely on Space, Science, and Technology, and respond directly to Project on Spatial Sciences’ reformatting of the colloquium.  The combination of student provocation, academic intellect, and practitioner expertise will foster a discussion on the responsibility of public space and the relevance of its design across disciplinary boundaries.

Colloquium on Space, Science, and Technology

Spring 2011

A proposal for research and development work on a dynamic reading space prototype.

Spaces of Reading

Summer 2011